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Completing 2 x 8 Week Challenge's helped me to lose over 20kg of body fat. If anyone is looking for someone to help them in their fitness journey, I would definitely recommend the team at FITA-U Performance Centre" 

Janine Crawford

Ash and the FITA-U team are are inspirational and motivated towards making you feel the best you can be. Do yourself a favour, and give them a call"

Kevin Francis

I’ve been training at FPC for over 2 years now and continue to see results through supportive coaching and community. The tracking of each session as well as the changes of the program each month ensures you are always making progression and keeps things interesting! In the past year I have increased my Deadlift by 25 kg. Training is now something I always look forward to!"

Sarah Stewart

"FITA-U Performance Centre changed my life! Ash is awesome. I lost 12kg of body fat in 15 weeks and now feel better than ever. Biggest impact has been to my family life as we now are all living a healthier lifestyle. Totally recommend!"

Cheryl Norlander

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Normally $99 but for a limited time only it's FREE!